Our bodies are always sending us messages. Something that starts as a small niggle or pain, something that doesn't feel in check, is your body's way of communicating with you that things aren't all right.

So often we numb, escape or avoid what our bodies are telling us, and power through, which ends up leading to burn out, depletion and exhaustion amongst other things. Living on autopilot doing what we think we should do, and not really checking in regularly to see what we need, is not living in balance and harmony with ourselves.

If you listen to your body regularly, really get to know it as you would a close friend, you’ll learn the signs and signals it gives you, so you can give yourself what you REALLY need, before things get so bad you're forced to stop and pay attention. This way you'll also be nourishing yourself regularly, so filling yourself up.

In this mini-course you will find a workbook with prompts and two visualisations to help you connect to your body on an ongoing basis.

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