How connected are you with your intuition right now?

Would you like to learn a few simple tools and techniques to help you strengthen that connection?

Hi, I’m Tara

Connecting with your intuition is a practice. It is a bit like a muscle in the body and the more you connect with it and listen to it, trusting what comes up, the stronger it gets. 

Living according to my intuition has been life changing for me and it is an honour to share these tools with you. 

This 5-day mini series includes 5 simple, different tips/tools to help you connect with your intuition more, including a few journaling prompts and a meditation. Some of them may resonate, some may not. It's about experimenting and finding out the ways in which your intuition 'speaks' to you. You will only need approx 30 minutes a day to try the different tools.

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