Are you a sensitive soul who is ready to dive deeper into your self-care?

Are you on the awakening journey and looking for support as you surrender to what comes up?

Learn to look after yourself in tune with the seasons (inner and outer) and get to know yourself on a whole new level.

Hi, I'm Tara.

Learning how to look after myself during the different seasons of the year, as well as in tune with my own inner cycles has been life changing and the biggest support I could ever receive on my own awakening journey.

So often we go through life on autopilot and do the things for our wellbeing that we think we ‘should’. For example extreme dieting in the new year (when naturally we want to be resting and nourishing ourselves as it’s the coldest, darkest time of the year – in the northern hemisphere). Many of us ignore the natural rhythms of our own bodies – always feeling like we ‘should be doing something’ when actually we are cyclical beings, and by honouring that we can thrive.

I truly believe we all each know what we need to feel great in ourselves, we’ve just lost that connection and knowing, or perhaps been led astray by society – telling us how we should be/think/feel etc. Even what we should eat and drink, and how much!

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Deep Nourishment

Honouring sensitive souls in the depths of winter.


Kindness and compassion for yourself, as a child, now and always.

Cyclical Living

Tuning into the seasons - inner and outer - to support yourself.

Energy Levels

What supports you with your energy levels?


Tap into your creative flow.


Connect with your intuition and others for self-care.


Tap into your manifesting powers and have create time to play.


Looking at boundaries and spaciousness to feel replenished in your being.


Celebrating and honouring all that you are.


Finding a balance in the various areas of your life.


Accepting all parts of your being.

Letting Go

The power of letting go, releasing and forgiving.